CRC pro Ernesto Castañares  and 20 CRC members played tennis at beautiful The Grand at Moon Palace in Cancun, Mexico Nov 7-11.  Tennis, beautiful beaches, warm sun and laughs with friends made another memorable trip to Cancun! Watch CRC for info about the 2019 trip.

(L-R:) ElenaVatistas, Gary Breslauer, Grace Parish, Gayla Breslauer, Peggy Walrod, Karen Willman, Michelle Schmid, Rob Mulligan, Heather Dietz, Trisha Mulligan, Julie Barnes, Ernesto Castañares, Catherine Haddad, Charlie Haddad, Steve Warner, Laura Warner, Allison Green, Lynn Trott, Juli Mercado(Not in picture John Trott and Amy Castañares

Ladies Championship
Champions: Grace Parish and Juli Mercado (l-r)
Runners-up: Amy Castanares and Gayla Breslauer

Mixed Championships
Champions: Rob Mulligan and Lynn Trott 
Ernesto (right) congratulates Rob and Lynn.
Runners-up: Steve Warner and Catherine Haddad

Farewell cocktail party







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