2019 CITA Midwest Qualifier

Congrats to these CRC juniors for their top finishes! They survived a competition of 308 singles entries in 12-18’s and 27 in 10’s. Finishing high in this tournament is necessary step to be considered for National events. In the Midwest Closed the 10’s will compete in a 64 singles draw and all other divisions will have a 128 singles  draw.

In addition to being champs these players had other high finishes:
     Bella Duncan 12 G singles third place
     Marina Duncan 12 G singles finalist
     Broc Fletcher 16 B singles third place
     Alexandra Grilliot 10 G singles consolation champ
     Ajay Mahenthiran 16B consolation champ
     Broc and Ajay were repeat B16 champs!

B10: David Liu
B12: Evan Sharygin
B14: Dylan Long
B18: Jagger Saylor

G12: Isabella Ireland
G14: Mischa Briggs
G16: Ellie Myers
G18: Ellie Pittman

B12: Eli Dieveney/Hank Lin
B14: Isaac Flanery/Srisanth Malpeddi
B16: Broc Fletcher/Ajay Mahenthiran
B18: Nishanth Basavareddy/Sajin Smith

G10: Imani Mokra, Alexandra Grilliot
G12: Marina Duncan/Bella Duncan
G14: Chase Boyer/Mischa Briggs
G16: Lauren Long /Ellie Myers
G18: Emily Desai/Ellie Pittman

Singles champs (l-r): Ellie Pittman, David Liu, Dylan Long, Mischa Briggs, Lauren Long


Doubles champs (l-r): Broc Fletcher/Ajay Mahenthiran, Alexandra Grilliot/Imani Mokra, and Marina (l) and Bella Duncan

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