Congratulations to these Carmel Racquet Club teams and players for being 2019 Indiana state champs for USTA Leagues. All these teams advanced to USTA Midwest Section Play-offs.
(Players in bold are CRC members)

3.0, 40+ women
Team is also 2019 USTA Midwest Section Champions!
Good luck at Nationals!  October 18-20 at USTA Campus in Lake Nona near Orlando, Florida.

Front left to right: Taeko Escasa, Erika Holly, Anne Wolf 
Middle left to right:  Wei Wang, Lisamaria Burkhard (captain), Nancy Clemens 
Back left to right:   Susie Rosenstihl and Katie Filler 

Not present:  Barb Birge, Lynda Manley, Cathy Rasmussen, Stella Welch, Alicia Wickler 


2.5, 18+ women

l-r: Anne Barnes, Julie Cahill, Libby Edwards, Teresa Smucker, Heather Michelstetter
Not Pictures:   Stacey Heidt, Leah Alexander, Brook Tetrault, Janelle Maris
Coach: Greg Griffey


4.0, 40+ women

Back: Pam Cousins, Lynn Trott, Jenn Clouse, Kerry Detamore, Stephanie Kirk, Brandyn Ohrvall, Thetchen Price, Jian Chen, Connie Glass
Front: Kim Leary, Lindy Richman, Lisa Mortier (captain), Michelle Burns, Stacey Harmon, Dana Polizzi


8.0, 65+ women

Front l-r: Suzette Pico, Sue McCrory, Helen Petersen, Betty Watson, Carol Branson, Anne Liebert
Back l-r: Barb Hassell (co-captain), Jenny Pearson (co-captain), Gayle Meyer, Ute Coyne, Camie Hull. (Bold CRC members.)


8.0, 65+ men
Left to right: Sam Sutphin, Dan Clark, Ron Young, Dave Reed, Jay Love, Steve Behrman, Dan Downing, Jerry McMullen (captain), Chuck Cagann, Bob Meyer (Bold CRC members)


8.0 Mixed

L-R; Carl Mower, Tyler Witsken, Stephanie Kirk, Jason Williams, Elba Meza, Tammy Embry.
Not pictured:  Lisa Jackson


7.0 Mixed

L-R; Jim Shaffer Janette Martin, Lisamaria Burkhard, Peggy Waldal, Sun Park, Young Park.
Not pictured: Chong Cha,  Ryan Edmundson, Toru Hama, Rich Martin, Masumi Makio, Heidi Stamm, Tim Stamm

40+, 4.5/5.0 women

Lynn Ducat (Standing—fourth from left)
Courtney O’Neil (Standing—third from right)




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