2021 Midwest Closed Results
Level 3
June 19-24
Players are selected for Midwest Closed according to their district ranking. Tournaments were held throughout the Midwest including Indianapolis and Okemos, Michigan.

Congrats to these CRC juniors for their fine performance against the top players in Midwest.

Mischa Briggs 16 G singles Won three matches
Charlie Coleman 14 B singles Won four matches
Noelle Compton 16 G doubles Quarterfinals
Noelle Compton 16 G singles Won one. Then injury default
Rohan Golla 16 B singles Won three matches
Alexandra Grilliot 12 G singles Third place
Alexandra Grilliot 12 G doubles Quarterfinals
Minhee Kim 14 G singles Won five matches
Lauren Long 18 G singles Won four matches
Rocky Li 14 B singles Won five matches
David Liu 12 B singles Two wins


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