Congratulations to these three CRC teams for winning the state title in their division in the 2021 USTA Leagues:

4.0, 40 and over women
Lisa Mortier, captain


Front kneeling:  Connie Glass, Bryn Inman

Standing L to R: Lynn Trott, Brandyn Ohrvall, Michelle Burns. Staci Gudgel, Lisa Mortier (captain), Lindy Richman, Becky Foster, Barb Burgauer, Thetchen Price, Maureen Hubbard.

Not pictured:  Kim Cook, Pam Cousins, Lisa Yoder

3.0, 18 and over women
Greg Griffey, captain

Left to right;  Ana Cohen, Christin Barber, Siby Hill, Mary Peers, Lindsay Forrest, Melissa Huebner, Greg Griffey (captain), Michelle Dumas, Jenna Derado, Anne Barnes, Michelle Dudash.

Not pictured  Katy Rhinehart

2.5, 18 and over women
Cassandra Stevning, captain

Left to right;  Megan Padgett, Cassandra Stevning (captain), Courtney Harris, Emily Turner, Leigh Ann O’Neil, Cassie Hasbrook, Brian Cook


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