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2018 CRC CIWITL Champs

Carmel Racquet Club finished the season with two championships—Mark’s A and Kathy’s C teams. This is Kathy’s third consecutive championship.

Mark’s 2018 A Team Champs

Mark’s        Mark Woldmoe
A                 Amy Moore
T                  Jian Chen
E                  Lynn Trot
A                 Jenn Clouse
M                 Brandyn Ohrvall
W                Connie Glass
IN               Lisa Hirschfeld
NE              Lisa Jackson
RS              Cathy Hudson
20              Kerry Detamore
21               Stacey Harmon
8                 Kathy Gordon
Absent from photo: Stephanie Kirk, Maggie Petersen and Lindy Richman


Kathy’s 2018 C Team Champs

Back l-r:  *Rick Scotten, Karen Johnson, Shelia Heffern, Janet Thyen, Judy Straub, Julie Mangano, Holly Schneider, Jennifer Tenbarge, Janet Neimeier, Karen Kautz, Roxann Ryan, *Kris Looney
Front l-r:  Emily Browning, Pam Vore, Maureen Huff, Debby Pileri, Ann Meunier, Margaret Wente, *Kathy Gordon



Carmel Racquet Club celebrated the end of the Central Indiana Women’s Indoor Tennis League (CIWITL) with a round robin and pitch-in luncheon on May 16. Congratulations to the round robin winners pictured below–Julie Barnes, Michelle Carmichael, Siby Hill, Marina Grabovsky, Gigi Griffin, Erika Holly, Lynn Trott, Sibel VanDerWalt

A winner
Lynn Trott

B winners
Gigi Griffin (left) and Sibel VanDerWalt

C winners
 Marina Grabovsky (left) and Julie Barnes

Q winners
Erika Holly (left) and Michelle Carmichael 

X winner
    Siby Hill


Registration for teams for the 2018-2019 season is in progress. This early registration accommodates those wishing to schedule fall clinics and seasonals around team practice times. Registration forms can be picked up at the front desk. Please return your registration form to CRC by July 2. The pros will then form the teams and contact their players before July 15. Players may still be added after July 15, but some of the popular teams and practice times will not be available. You should check with the pro before registering to be on his/her team.