Club Policies & Procedures

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Carmel Racquet Club Policies and Procedures

Membership: Membership is required for all participation at the Carmel Racquet Club including clinics (USA 1-2-3 clinics excluded), teams, private lessons, swimming lessons, workout facility and play on seasonal courts.

Corporate Memberships 
If you have ten or more employees at your place of work who would like to join CRC, ask about corporate rates. It saves money! Any questions, see Vanessa.

If you or your spouse is employed by one of these companies, you are already eligible for a corporate rate: City of Carmel, Eli Lilly, General Motors, IU Health, IUPUI-IU Medical Center, Roche, St. Vincent Hospital and Woodland Country Club. Please show a valid company ID when starting or renewing your membership.

Junior Membership: For the purpose of all Club activities and membership, a junior is a person 22 years of age and under. At 23, junior memberships are no longer available.

Initiation Fee: All new members (not on our roster last year) except junior, pickleball and platform memberships must pay a one-time $20.00 initiation fee.

Reinstatement Fee: Present members who allow their membership to lapse thirty days will be charged a $20.00 reinstatement when they rejoin the Club.

Discontinued Membership: The Club reserves its right to reject a membership application or to discontinue any membership for due cause. In general, if a member elects to drop his/her membership, he should contact the manager.

Credit Cards: Only MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover Card are accepted at CRC.

Automatic Payments: In order for CRC to guarantee your AUTOMATIC PAYMENTS get credited to the correct account, please indicate the members first & last name in the memo or account number line.

Online Banking: If you pay your CRC bill via online banking, put the MEMBER’S NAME in the ACCOUNTS/REFERENCE box. Do not put your CRC account number. CRC only uses names, not account numbers. This will make certain your account is credited with your payment. Payment has to reach CRC by end of month to avoid a finance charge.

Voice Mails: When leaving a voicemail, please leave name (and name of child if a member). Spell your name and leave a phone number. It helps the staff answer your concerns quickly and effectively.

Emergency Phone Numbers: Please call CRC and give the front desk an emergency phone number and contact. Recently emergencies have occurred involving individual members or elderly members and the only number we have on file was the member’s phone number. CRC had no way to contact someone close to the member to inform them of the emergency. Thank you.

Address Changes 
When your address, email address or phone number changes, call or leave a note at the front desk for Vanessa. We need to be sure you get the latest news and promotionals from CRC.

Guest Policy: During our fiscal year, September 1 to August 31, we charge a $6.00 fee a guest per visit. Junior, individual, and swim only members may bring a total of ten guests. Guest must be accompanied by the member to use the club.

No Smoking: The Club is a health and fitness center, so smoking is not permitted in the Club or on the grounds.

No Parking on the Circle: Please help us by not parking on the circle. The fire marshal has told us that we must keep it open in the event of an emergency. We ask your cooperation in using the circle just for drop-offs and pick-ups.

Prepayment for Courts: Please pay (or charge) at the desk before playing. Allow extra time prior to your appointment since the front desk is congested on the hour and half hour.

Entrance to Courts: Enter only after the buzzer sounds. To enter the court early is distracting and discourteous to the players. At the buzzer, players should collect any gear and leave promptly. Please do not ask to “finish this game.” If you play more than ten minutes over your scheduled court time, you will be charged for an additional half hour.

Phone Reservations: Please call at times other than on the hour and half hour as these are the busiest times for the front desk. You may reserve court time two weeks in advance. Summer reservations are taken one week in advance. This does not apply to walk-on passes. 

Court Cancellation Policy: Courts must be canceled at least 24 hours (strictly interpreted) in advance. If less time than that remains, you will be charged for the court unless other open courts exist at that hour or we can sell your court for you.

Snow Days: When area schools are closed because of bad weather, please call CRC to see if the nursery will be open. Bad weather also keeps some of our staff from coming into work. Check for club closing.

Child Care Center: The fee is $4.00 a child per hour for members and $5.00 per hour for non-members. (see more info on this here.)

Seasonal Reservations: Seasonal court reservations are for the entire indoor season. For more information, look here.

House Charge Account: We expect each member to clear his charge account monthly. Members whose accounts pass 90 days without payment will lose charging privileges. Please contact us during business hours (9 am-5 pm, M-F) with questions about your account.

Clay Courts: Members may play on the outdoor clay courts between Memorial Day and Labor Day at no charge. Non-members may only play with a member and will pay their share of the court time plus a guest fee. (Summer memberships are available.)

Missed Classes Policy: We recognize that many of our junior players choose to participate in other activities besides tennis, such as other sports and extra-curricular clubs/groups, which necessitates sometimes missing tennis. To maintain the quality of our junior programs, we limit the number of players on court at any one time and, therefore, we do not allow make-ups for missed classes. In addition, because players voluntarily choose to participate in outside activities we do not give credit for missed classes. We will, however, give credit when there is an extended absence due to injury or circumstances such as driver’s education programs. Any questions should be directed to Sally Jacobs.

Swimming Policy: Swimmers must be at least 18 years old to swim alone. No lifeguards are on duty. 

Platform Pass: Courts may be reserved one week in advance. Passes may be used from Labor Day to Memorial Day. Cost is $100.