District Team Cups

In mid June the 13 districts in the USTA Midwest Section (IN, MI, OH, WI, IL) assembled their top junior players to compete in the USTA Midwest Section Team Cup championships. The 18’s divisions are separate boy and girl competitions. The 12’s and 14’s are mixed. All events play singles and doubles.

Congrats to these CRC players for being selected USTA/Midwest Section District Team Cup (CRC Members in Bold):

Under Boys and Girls

Boyer, Chase
Briggs, Mischa
Knoderer, Reese
Long, Dylan
Malpeddi, Srisanth
Miller, Sydney
Nelson, Elyse
Shirley, Nicholas

14’s Boys & Girls

Antony, Leila
De Witt, Aiden
Fletcher, Broc
Herrman, Sophie
Kittle, Caroline
Mahenthiran, Ajay
Morris, Sydney
Myers, Ellie
Petrovic, Petar
Sellers, Canaan

Boys 18’s

Fletchall, Patrick
Muhiga, Khamasi
Roberts, Noah
Rogers, Mac
Sylvester, Hunter
Thompson, Aaron
Brady, Ian
Harris, Aidan
Shoults, Cole
Thieneman, Presley

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