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The Fitness Center is located on site at the Carmel Racquet Club and is available to use for free to CRC members.

One of the best ways to increase strength and endurance and improve physical appearance is through weight training and cardiovascular conditioning.


Studio RE is a wellness studio located in the renovated second floor of CRC. It provides barre-based classes, which challenge the core by strengthening arms, abdominals, seat and thighs. Studio RE’s method strengthens and leans major muscle groups by fatiguing muscles then stretching them. The 45 minutes class fundamentally begins with the core 360, targeting all areas of the abdominals and correcting and strengthening back muscles and spinal posture. The non-impact, non-intimidating classes allow for all ages and genders to participate and excel. Motivation for taking the class ranges from wanting to lose weight, getting your body bathing suit ready, recovering from an injury or adding core strength and flexibility to your workout. The class has many modifications to accompany where you are in your core strength.

Anna Newcomb and her staff are now offering BARRE classes and Yoga classes right here at Carmel Racquet Club. So, after you enjoy your tennis, try one of the many classes offered.
If you are not familiar with Barre classes they are a core strengthening and stretching class. 

Anna is offering a special to try the classes FREE for one week. Details on the times and pricing are available on her web site

Studio Re instructors are hands on, making sure you have an exceptional experience. Class sizes are limited so special attention can be paid to each client. They relocated to their newly renovated studio upstairs of the Carmel Racquet Club! They offer Barre Classes, Yoga Classes and Access to Matt Shade Training (functional strength, cycling, sport specific training. 

We are thrilled to have Anna and her team here and many of the CRC employees and members are already enjoying her classes. So stop by and try one out! You have nothing to lose. Sign up on-line or at the front desk. Remember the first week is FREE!

$150 monthly unlimited
$300 for 20 classes (expiration of one year)
$160 for 10 classes (expiration of one year)
$18 / class


The Indiana Training Center is available for a charge during scheduled hours to provide instruction on equipment usage and to develop a personal fitness plan for our members.

Through the leadership of Matt Shade (258-3701), ITC offers the highest quality of personal training. Trainers work with adults and young athletes (8-18). Contact Matt about scheduling a personal trainer for yourself or you and a few of your hardy friends.

Personal training is THE BEST way to maximize the benefits from your exercise sessions at ITC.  Our trainers will give you the attention you deserve in developing programs tailored to fit your specific goals. Schedule an appointment to develop your one-on-one personalized training program.

You will enjoy fun and exciting exercise programs designed to keep you motivated and involved.  Your trainer will develop a plan based on your personal traits, aimed at helping you achieve your fitness goals in an efficient manner.  The attention you receive will result in your feeling and looking better!

Our personal trainer has the expertise to:

  • Assess current exercise program 
  • Design safe and effective exercise programs tailored to your personal needs and goals
  • Provide motivational support while continually updating your program
  • Help you look and feel better as you lose body fat and gain muscle
  • Improve your tennis game by increasing your level of fitness
  • Increase cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, muscle strength, and endurance