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The Fitness Center is located on site at the Carmel Racquet Club and is available to use for free to CRC members.

One of the best ways to increase strength and endurance and improve physical appearance is through weight training and cardiovascular conditioning.


Studio RE LogoStudio RE is a barre studio brought to you by the Anna Newcomb Method.  The Anna Newcomb Method strengthens the neutral spine and perfect posture by challenging the core while strengthening major muscle groups such as shoulder, arm, abdominal, back, seat and leg muscles.  The method includes isotonic and isometric movements, focusing on fatiguing muscles and then toning them.

Classes max out with 12 clients, providing an intimate environment. The total body workout is a 45 minute class that enforces mind/body alignment while reinforcing the importance of perfect posture. The upbeat and often challenging exercises and stretches keeps the momentum in the class leaving you with an “I can” attitude, enabling you to achieve your highest goals.

Studio RE is located in the upstairs of Carmel Racquet Club. No club memberships required. Daycare is offered through CRC Mon-Fri, 8 am-noon in summer and Mon-Fri 8 am-3 pm fall, winter and spring. 

For more information on Studio RE including class times and pricing, please visit

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