L-R: Sue Harris, Kent Harris, Helen Petersen, Dianne Gentry, Nikki Davis, Jeremy Fendley, Tyler Ottinger.

CRC member and Sheridan Middle School teacher Dianne Gentry’s summer school class learned of several local sports heroes on July 30. Helen Petersen read Champion Citizen: George Taliaferro to the class and then  showed a video from “The Today Show.” After sixty years Taliaferro, first black man drafted by the NFL, was being reunited with his white teammate from Indiana University. After the book reading and video Bud Wright, Sheridan High School football coach, made an appearance. He is the only football coach in Indiana to win nine state championships! Sue Harris, former Sheridan Elementary, teacher and teacher author of Champion Citizen: Arthur Ashe was introduced along with her husband Kent Harris. Kent is retired assistant superintendent of Sheridan schools. The school’s baseball diamond is named in his honor.

Dianne is also having her class read Champion Citizen: Arthur Ashe and Champion Citizen: Billie Jean King. Through these lessons her students are learning how champion sports figures overcame challenges, became champions and then made the world better for others. 

If you would like to have a Champion Reads® guest reader in your class or school, email Helen Petersen at

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