Mark’s Winners 2017 B Team

Carmel Racquet Club finished the season with two championships—Mark’s B and Kathy’s C teams.

*Rick Scotten (back left), Mark’s *Mark Woldmoe, W Jian Chen, I Linda Wilhelm, N Angie Gelov, N Lindy Richman, E Pam Biggerstaff, R Pam Cousins, S *Tim Brady, 2 Lisa Mortier, 0 Stacey Harmon, 1 Nicole Daly, 7 Kerry Detamore, B Jill Keyes, T Helen Petersen, E Jenn Clouse, A Bryn Inman, and M Brandyn Ohrvall. Players not pictured: Stephanie Kirk, Dana Polizzi, Dana Hill *Coaches

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