Congratulations to these CRC members and other local players! This USTA sanctioned national tournament (Category II) draws the top men ages 35-75 from all over the country to vie for a national ranking. The tournament was May 31-June 3 and played on the clay courts at CRC and Meridian Hills.

Congratulations to these CRC men for their top finishes in the Midwest Clay Court Championships:

J. B. Hayes 80  singles and doubles champion
Will Higgins 60 doubles finalist
Chip Bondurant 60 doubles finalist

Greg Griffey (Tournament Director) and Denise Boehnlein (Tournament Chair) make this tournament a player favorite. They were assisted at the Meridian Hills Country Club by Site Manager Michelle Burns.

Thank you volunteers:
Zoy Avgerinos, Jan Barnes,  Cynthia Baten, April Blauser, Bob Boehnlein, George Ceryak,  Joan Eicher, Myra Endris, Jane Held, Sally Jacobs, Tanja Keay, Jill Keyes, Helen Petersen, Kathy Riesmeyer, and Julie Rothberger.

Thank you Jim and Nancy Keating for donating their tent for Dan Downing’s cookout. Grill Master Dan Downing and wife Jill Downing grilled nearly 400 burgers and brats for Friday and Saturday lunches!

Thank you, sponsors: Carmel Racquet Club, Dooley O’Tooles, Jack’s Donuts, Kroger, Greeks Pizzeria (96th & College), McAllister’s Deli (116th in Carmel), Patel Defense, J. D. Resley & Associates, Starbucks, and Sun King Brewery.

Thank you, Greg Griffey, tournament director, Denise Boehnlein, tournament chair, Dan Downing, Grill Master, committee member Michelle Burns and site director at Meridian Hills Michelle Burns.

The tournament benefited Hamilton County Community Tennis Association®.

Denise Boehnlein and Greg Griffey

Jill and Dan Downing

Will Higgins (left) and Chip Bondurant
60 men’s doubles finalist

J.B. Hayes
80 men’s singles and doubles champ

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