Myra Endris CITA Captain of the Year

Myra Endris CITA Captain of the Year 2018-01-11T19:17:09+00:00

Myra was nominated by many of her team members. She is a captain for both USTA and CIWITL teams and also organizes an annual tournament that raises funds for local charities. Myra organizes teams for every season and is diligent in her knowledge of the rules. She is described as being incredibly fair, patient, kind, generous and devoted to the sport.

She encourages new players to join teams and communicates well by sending line ups and information in advance. Other Captains are mindful of her fairness, her lack of ”drama” and willingness to reschedule matches. She turns up to watch matches regardless if she is playing or not.

Myra has a good heart and loves the sport of tennis.

Joe Graham Memorial Award
Given to a Central Indiana USTA League Captain who 1) excels as a captain, player, and supporter of the USTA League program; 2) demonstrates honesty, sincerity, loyalty, good sportsmanship, and leadership; and 3) is committed to growing tennis.

(l-r) Amy Catalano, Carolyn Loub, Sue Ellen Anderson, Christine Burrows, Myra Endris, Joan Luther, Terri Shea, Julie Arnold.