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CIWITL Information

Central Indiana Women’s Indoor Tennis League – CIWITL

CRC is honored to run the CIWITL (Central Indiana Women’s Indoor Tennis League) league each year. The league consists of different levels of teams from a variety of clubs throughout central Indiana.  Each team consists of 6 doubles teams for levels (A-Q) and 3 doubles teams for the (X) league.  Matches are played on an average of once a month from 12:00-2:00pm with no lunch being served. Each team out of CRC has a regularly scheduled 1 1/2 hour practice each week.  Prices for team practices vary according to the number of practices held during the season.  The CIWITL league runs from September to May.  A year end CIWITL party is held in May each year.  Banners are presented to the winners of each division based on standings that come out each week. Registration for CRC CIWITL teams begins in July.

Teams are formed by the following NTRP ratings:

“A” team  9.0 combined  
“B” team  3.6 – 4.0 
“C” team  3.1 – 3.5
“Q” team 2.6 – 3.0
“X” team 2.0 – 2.5

2021-2022 CIWITL Registration

Registration for teams for the 2020-2021 season has begun. This early registration accommodates those wishing to schedule fall clinics and seasonals around team practice times. Registration forms can be picked up at the front desk. Please return your registration form to CRC by Aug. 1. The pros will then form the teams and contact their players before Aug. 3. Players may still be added after Aug. 3, but some of the popular teams and practice times will not be available. You should check with the pro before registering to be on his/her team.

CIWITL Registration form (Greg add this link)



Dear CIWITL (Central Indiana Women’s Indoor Tennis League) Player,

After being shut down for Covid during the previous season, it was so nice to get back to league tennis in 2021-22. Carmel Racquet Club had a GREAT season winning three (3) of the five league Championships. Mark started us off winning the ”A” league. The “Q” league was won by Greg and Brian’s team.  The “X” league was won by Greg’s team. Three Championship banners in one year ties a Club record.  Hopefully, the 2021-22 season will be just as successful.  .

We are now in the process of forming teams for the 2021-22 season.  Please return your registration form to CRC by July 26The pros will form their teams and contact their players before August 2. Players will be added after that date, but most of the more popular teams and practice times will not be available.  Some of the more established teams will have little or no room to add players. You should consider checking with the pro before registering to be on their team. 

Match play for the upcoming season will once again consist of 12 women per team playing doubles matches approximately once a month against other indoor clubs in the Central Indiana area.  We’ll continue the one match format from 12:00-2:00 pm with no lunches.  Matches will cost the same as last season which was $14 per person.

Teams are formed by the following NTRP ratings:

“A” team  9.0 combined  
“B” team  3.6 – 4.0 
“C” team  3.1 – 3.5
“Q” team 2.6 – 3.0
“X” team 2.0 – 2.5

Greg Griffey is the CIWITL director for Carmel Racquet Club.

The same basic format as in past seasons will continue to be followed:

  1. Each team has a regularly scheduled practice for 1 1/2 hours per week. Costs of practices vary according to the number of practices.  Practice times and costs are listed on the other side of this page.  Players playing on two teams must pay for both practices.
  2. We will try to accommodate all requests for teams, but some teams and practice times are more popular than others. We guarantee all players a spot on a team they are rated for, but cannot guarantee a specific team and practice time.   Players that maintained at least a 50% winning percentage will have preference for the same team this season.
  3. Due to the increasing size of the league, matches will primarily be scheduled on Thursdays and Fridays but some may need to be played on Wednesdays. Most Carmel and Indianapolis matches are from 12:00-2:00 pm.  Matches played in Bloomington or Lafayette may start earlier.
“A” Mark    Mon. 1-2:30 pm Sept. 13 May 16 $865
“A” Greg Mon.  1 -2:30 pm  Sept. 13  May 16 $865
“B” Rick/Brian Mon. 1-2:30 pm Sept. 13 May 16 $865
“B” Mark I   Tues. 11am-12:30 pm  Sept. 7 May 17 $890
“B” Greg Tues. 1-2:30 pm Sept. 7 May 17  $890
“B” Mark II Wed. 1:3-3 pm  Sept. 8 May 11 $865
“C” Greg Mon. 11:30-1 pm  Sept. 13 May 16 $865
“C” Brian Tues. 12:30-1 pm Sept. 7 May 17 $890
“C” Kathy  Wed. 9-10:30 am Sept. 8 May 18 $890
“C” Kris Wed. 10:30-12 noon Sept. 8 May 11 $865
“C” Suzie Wed. 11:30 am-1 pm  Sept. 8 May 11 $865
“C” Miguel  Wed. 1-2:30 pm Sept. 8 May 11 $865
“C” Steve Fri. 9:30-11 am  Sept. 10  May 20 $890
“Q” Greg   Mon. 8-9:30 am Sept. 13 May 16 $865
“Q” Greg/Brian Thur.  9:30-11 am Sept. 9 May 19  $865
“Q” Joe Fri. 8:30-10 am  Sept. 10 May 20 $890
“X” Greg/Brian Thur. 9:30-11 am  Sept. 9 May 19  $865
“X” Joe  Fri. 8:30-10 am  Sept. 10  May 20 $890

Prices reflect no team practices on Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Break and CIWITL End of year Party

Players will be billed for 1/2 the team cost on Oct. 31 and the remainder on Jan. 31. (Players may still pay the full amount in Sept. if desired. Contact Carol Rudicle)