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Policies & Procedures

Carmel Racquet Club Policies & Procedures
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Members agree to abide by the CRC Policies and Procedures posted at the facility and on-line at carmelracquetclub.com. Violation of any policy may, at the option of CRC, result in cancellation of membership.

    a. Membership is required for all participation at the Carmel Racquet Club including clinics, workout facility, and play on seasonal courts. Platform memberships do not include the use of any other CRC facilities such as tennis courts, workout facility, or pool. Pickleball memberships do not include the use of the workout facility or pool.
    b. Benefits of membership:
        i. Online account access to manage on-court activities and club account.
        ii. Reserve courts up to 7 days in advance. All memberships are annual. Valid from one year from the date of purchase.
    c. Guest Participant: During our fiscal year, September 1 to August 31, we charge a $6.00 fee a guest per visit. Members may bring a total of 10 guests in one fiscal year. No member may bring the same guest more than four times. No guest may play at the club more than four times without joining.
    d. Classifications defined
        i. Junior – For the purpose of all Club activities and membership, a junior is a person 22 years of age and under. At 23, junior memberships are longer available.
        ii. Adult – Is a person 23 years of age or older.
        iii. Senior Adult – Is a person 60 years of age or older.
        iv. Couple – Two persons who are married, domestic partners, or spouses. Adult children and their adult parents are not considered a couple.
        v. Family – An adult or couple as defined above and any children who are under 22 years of age and below who are also full-time students      living in the same household.
        vi. Corporate – A business or organization with ten or more players joining collectively.
    e. Membership may not be transferred to another person
    f. Membership may be upgraded during the year. Upgrading will result in a new anniversary date and extension of the membership year.
       For example: A player is an individual adult member for 3 months before wishing to upgrade to a family membership. A credit for the remaining 9 months of the individual adult membership will be applied to the full cost of the family membership and the anniversary date will become the date of the upgrade.
    g. Membership will be automatically renewed unless written notification is received within 15 days of your renewal date.
    h. Membership withdrawal may be completed by phone 317-844-1177 or email to our Membership Coordinator at
    i. Membership is required for all session programs unless otherwise noted.
    j. If a membership will expire in the middle of a session, the member must renew prior to registering for any program for that session which will 
      extend beyond the membership expiration date.
    k. Members with access to a Club Account who fail to maintain a valid credit card on file will be prohibited from play at Carmel Racquet Club and 
        will be terminated accordingly.
    l. Initiation Fee: All new members (not on our roster the previous year) except juniors and platform players, must pay a one-time $20.00 initiation
       fee. Summer and pickleball memberships are excluded.
    m. Reinstatement Fee: Present members who allow their membership to lapse thirty days or more will be charged a $20.00 reinstatement fee when they rejoin the club.
    n. Discontinued Membership: The Carmel Racquet Club reserves its right to reject a membership application or to discontinue any membership for due cause. In general, if a member elects to drop his/her membership, he should contact the club directly and ask for the Membership Coordinator.

    a. All members and playing guests understand that injury or harm may result from any sport or physical activity, and knowingly and voluntarily accept full responsibility and risk for any injuries or health problems suffered at Carmel Racquet Club or during a CRC sponsored event.
    b. All members are required to sign the CRC Waiver and Release.


The club is open seven days a week from 6 am – 10 pm. (Summer hours are 6 am – 9 pm)
We reserve the right to close any part of the Club early, especially during the off season if there is little activity or in the event of bad weather.    Check on WTHR.com (Channel 13/NBC) for inclement weather closing information. Closings will also be announced on social media.
    a. Holiday hours:
        Carmel Racquet Club may close or have modified hours on the following holidays:
        New Year’s Eve – Modified
        New Year’s Day – Modified
        Memorial Day – Open regular hours
        Fourth of July – Open regular hours
        Labor Day – Open regular hours
        Thanksgiving – Modified
        Christmas Eve – Modified
        Christmas Day – Closed
    b. Maintenance Closure:
        Carmel Racquet Club will close for one week in August for maintenance and cleaning.

     a. Check-In and entrance to courts
         All players, member or guest, are required to check-in at the front desk prior to entering a court. Enter the courts only after the buzzer sounds.
         To enter the court early is distracting and discourteous to the players. At the buzzer, players should collect all their belongings and leave
         promptly. Please do not ask to “finish this game.” If you play more than ten minutes over your scheduled court time, you will be charged for an
         additional half hour. If you are playing pickleball, please finish five minutes early to allow time to return the nets to their appropriate location.
     b. Locker Rooms
        i. Locker rooms are only for the use of playing members and guests.
        ii. Children under the age of six must be accompanied within the locker room.
        iii. Children six and over are not allowed in the opposite gender locker room.
        iv. CRC is not responsible for any items left in the locker room unattended.
        v. Any lock left on an unrented locker overnight will be removed and the locker contents placed in the lost and found. The lost and found is
           located in the closet outside of the nursery, please ask the desk for assistance. Items are donated on a quarterly basis.
        vi. Locker Fees: $48 for a large locker and $32 for a small locker per annual rental. Locker rental fees are automatically billed to your account.
             They expire when your membership expires. Notify the front desk if you wish to end your locker rental. Feel free to use un-rented lockers while playing.
        vii. Swimming: You must be 18 years of age or older to swim alone. No lifeguard is on duty.
        viii. Whirlpool, Sauna and Steam Room: No children under the age of 18 are permitted in these areas without adult supervision.
     c. Attire
        i. All players are expected to wear appropriate attire during on court activities. Playing without shoes or a shirt or removing a shirt other than in a locker room is prohibited.
        ii. Only non-marking shoes (court shoes) are allowed on court.
            1. For player safety, the following footwear is not permitted on court, including but not limited to:
                  a. Sandals or flip-flops
                  b. Boots
                  c. Heeled shoes of any kind
                  d. Bare feet
     d. Members and Visitors and Spectators
         CRC welcomes visitors, non-playing participants, and spectators to observe tennis matches, programs, tournaments and other on court  activities, as well as to purchase goods from the Pro Shop. Visitors and members are expected to demonstrate good judgement and behavior while on CRC property. Shouting, heckling or similar misbehavior will NOT be tolerated. Persons demonstrating this behavior will be asked to leave immediately. In order to maintain a comfortable and safe environment for all members, visitors, staff, CRC prohibits individuals from loitering without any intention of utilizing the facilities.
     e. Lost and Found and Valuables
         Items left at CRC will be placed in lost and found. All lost and found items will be donated to charity. CRC is not responsible for items lost or stolen from CRC property. Do NOT leave valuables in your car.
     f. Music
        Music is not allowed on CRC courts, unless approved by management prior to an event.
     g. Parking
         Please do not park on the circle. The fire marshal has told us we must keep it open in the event of an emergency. Please safely secure valuable within your vehicle while at CRC. We are not responsible for loss of stolen property.
     h. Smoking
         CRC is a smoke-fee and tobacco-free facility (including vaping and chewing tobacco). No smoking in the facility or on the ground.
    i. Alcohol
       All members, guests, visitors and spectators are prohibited from providing or consuming alcohol on the property.
     j. Photography
        CRC owns all video, images and recorded material CRC produces itself on CRC property. CRC reserves the right to use all video, images, and recorded materials for marketing, advertising and other promotional purposes. By entering the premises, all members, guests, visitors, and spectators provide consent for the use of their likeness in such materials.
     k. Solicitation/Distribution
         Literature may NOT be distributed or displayed without the express approval of CRC management.
     l. Special Events
        Special events have priority to court space and time over regularly scheduled activities. Special events include but are not limited to tournaments, USTA Leagues and events, corporate events, and social events.
     m. Privacy
          CRC does not disclose its members’ personal contact or registration information to other members or third parties. CRC may share names with the USTA/Midwest/CITA for the purpose of providing activity numbers. Additional information will only be shared with a player’s permission.
     n. Child Care Center
         The childcare fee is $4.00 per child per hour. The hours are 8 am – 3 pm Monday to Friday. CRC reserves the right to adjust the nursery hours as needed. All children six years old and under must be in the nursery unless attended by an adult. Please check in at the nursery prior to leaving your child. You are charged for an additional half hour if you child is picked up more than 15 minutes after your scheduled time. Please DO NOT bring sick children to the nursery.
         24-hour advanced notice is required for childcare reservation.


CRC members may reserve court time up to seven days in advance during the winter hours (seven days in advance during the summer hours).
Please call at times other than on the hour or half hour as these are the busiest times at the front desk.
     a. Any player with a racquet in hand is considered a player and all applicable court rental and guest fees will apply (for both junior and adult).
         This includes players feeding balls to other players using a racquet.
     b. Courts are reserved on a first come, first serve basis.
     c. The reserving member must be present for all court rentals.
     d. All reservations are the responsibility of the reserving member.
         i. If any player on the court fails to make payment, by default all charges will fall to the reserving member.
         ii. If the reserving member wishes to split fees, it is the reserving member’s responsibility to notify the front desk, prior to play.
     e. CRC allows for the cancellation of a court with 24-hour notice. If less time than that remains, you will be charged for the court unless other open courts exist at that hour or unless we can sell your court for you. Please do not ask the club to evaluate “your emergency.” This policy is strictly enforced for all members.
     f. Prepayment of courts is required. Please pay or charge your court rental at the front desk before playing. Allow extra time prior to your
appointment to allow ample time at the front desk for payment.
     g. Court reservations are effective immediately upon booking, and immediately subject to CRC’s 24-hour cancellation policy.
     h. All “no shows” will be charged at the full rate.
     i. Guests may participate with a court rental while paying the additional guest fee costs. We charge $6.00 per guest per play
     j. Members may play on the CLAY COURTS between Memorial Day and Labor Day at NO CHARGE. Non-members may only play with a guest and
will pay their share of the court time plus a guest fee. Summer memberships are available.

     a. Ball machines are available at CRC. Rental availability will depend on court use on adjacent courts and available ball machines at the time of the court reservation
     b. Tennis balls are provided for all ball machine rentals. All court policies apply to ball machine rentals.

     Players are responsible for providing their own balls for all court rentals. CRC will provide balls for all programs, lessons, ball machine rentals and  special events.

Seasonal Court Reservations reserve a court on a permanent basis for multiple sessions. ALL PARTICIPANTS must be a member. The payment of all seasonal court fees is due on or before the first playing date in the fall unless you have elected to pay in two installments. In that case, your deposit fee plus half the total is due prior to play in September, the balance being due December 31. Seasonal court reservations are for the entire indoor season. Your deposit fee is non-refundable after your first scheduled playing date. A list of members’ names on each seasonalcourt is required. Seasonal Courts are scheduled through our membership coordinator. Each Seasonal Court must have a member who serves as SPONSOR for the Seasonal Court.
     a. The SPONSOR is responsible for providing the requested information to the membership coordinator.
     b. Communicating seasonal court information to players.
     c. Paying for the remaining cost of the court if other participants do not pay their shares.
     d. All players are committing to an entire season and are financially responsible for the entire season.
     e. If a player wishes to withdraw from a seasonal court the following options are available:
         i. A replacement player may be found and may pay the withdrawing player directly.
         ii. The sponsor, in communication with the other players, may approve that the remaining court fees be redistributed to the remaining players.
         iii. A discretionary administrative fee may be charged to the withdrawing player.

     a. Membership is required for all session programs unless otherwise noted.
If a membership will expire in the middle of a session, the member must renew prior to registering for any program for that session which will extend beyond the membership expiration date.
     b. Advanced registration is required for all session programs.
     c. CRC reserves the right to alter or cancel a program for any reason deemed necessary including but not limited to price, assigned teaching professionals, age, skill level or location.
     d. A minimum number of players is required to begin and/or continue a program.
     e. CRC reserves the right to adjust the placement of a player or withdraw a player should the level not be appropriate.
     f. Late registration is allowed should space remain in a program. Program fee(s) will be prorated appropriately.
     g. Players age 18 and older may register for adult programs.

     a. Private lessons may be booked by completing a private lesson request form or through a teaching professional directly.
     b. Each teaching professional maintains his or her own schedule. Pros will do their best to schedule lessons at a convenient time, however, given court availability and previously scheduled activities, choice times may not be available.
     c. Private lesson cancellations must be completed directly with the teaching professional or by contacting the front desk a minimum of 24 hours in advance. Without 24-hour notice, the player will be charged a minimum of the court time reserved and/or the full private lesson rate. “NO SHOWS” will be billed the full private lesson rate.

CRC hosts internal leagues as well as the Central Indiana Women’s Indoor Tennis League (CIWITL), USTA Adult Leagues and USTA Junior Team Tennis Leagues.

Membership requirements will vary depending on the league and Club rules:
     a. CIWITL: Membership is required for all players.
     b. USTA ADULT LEAGUES: For teams who have selected CRC as their home facility, membership is required of the captain only.

No children under the age of 18 are permitted without adult supervision. Call Matt Shade at 317-258-4701 for details on programs and equipment use. STUDIO RE (Barre) is located upstairs in our fitness center. Studio Re, LLC is run by Anna Newcombe. Please go to www.studiorellc.com for class schedules, on-line classes, and fees.

High school and colleges using the CRC facility will be bound to all Club policies including court reservation policies.

     a. CRC will operate normally, including hours of operation and schedules, in the event of inclement weather or school closings. CRC members are still required to cancel court reservations per court cancellation policies (24 hours in advance). As winter weather is typically predicted in advance, we recommend players plan early should you be concerned with the weather forecast.
     b. CRC may have modified hours of operation and schedules should Hamilton County be placed under a RED travel advisory, as state leaders have determined that travel is restricted to emergency management workers only.
     c. Should CRC need to close for whatever reason: (loss of power, travel advisory, flooding, snow or other inclement weather, or any other act of God, etc.)
Our phone message and social media will be updated immediately.
Check with WTHR.com for local closings.
If the facility will close immediately, all players currently on the court will cease play and credits will be issued.

CRC members will receive access to an online account to manage their tennis activities.
     a. Payments for minor children will be the responsibility of their parent/guardian incurred by the child.
     b. Court rentals: The member who made the original reservation is responsible for all payments associated with the court (guest and court fees). If players wish to split fees, it is the players’ responsibility to take care of payment with the front desk, prior to play.
     c. Club Charge Accounts:
CRC may extend a CRC Club Charge Account to members.
– CRC reserves the right, at any time, to revoke or not extend a Club Charge Account for any reason.
– Effective July 7, 2021, any member extended such an account must have a valid credit card associated with it.
– Effective July 7, 2021, only charges for on-court related activities may be put on a Club Charge Account including pro shop items and related services.
     d. There is no fee for the use of a CRC Club Charge Account.
     e. All items charged to a Club Charge Account must be paid in full within 14 days of the closing statement date. After 15 days the associated credit card will be used to pay all outstanding balances.
For example: An item purchased on March 1 has a statement date of March 31. If that charge is still outstanding (as well as any other item charged between March 1-March 31) as of April 15, the associated credit card on fill will be used to pay the outstanding balance.
     f. If a Club Charge Account does not have a valid credit card associated with it or the card on file is declined, that member has seven days after the first failed transaction to remit payment for all outstanding charges or have their account suspended until payment is received.
     g. CRC members may pre-pay online to their accounts in advance of future charges.
     h. CRC may refund members in the form of an account credit or in the original form of payment.
     i. An account credit is retained at CRC within the Club account and may be applied towards future Club use.
     j. Account credits will expire two years after the date of issuance.
     k. CRC does not issue cash refunds over $10.00
     l. Termination:
– A membership may be cancelled by CRC at any time due to violation of any rules and regulations set out by CRC, or any conduct, which, in the opinion of CRC, is detrimental to the welfare, good order, and character of the Carmel Racquet Club.
– Any member or guest found to destroy or abuse the Club or any CRC property or exhibiting any inappropriate behavior, will be subject to immediate expulsion without refund of registration fees. In addition, the member shall be liable to CRC for all damages resulting from such actions.
– Termination of a member by CRC does not relieve the member of any charges or fees incurred prior to the date of termination. Any outstanding balance is due immediately.
     m. Card of file: All members who wish to maintain a Club Charge Account must keep a valid credit card on file. A card on file will be used on the 15th of each month for any previous outstanding balances and/ or annual membership renewal. CRC accepts Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express.

     a. CRC is not responsible for any child or children left unattended.
     b. Any child found engaging in disruptive or negligent behavior, theft or causing harm to others will be immediately removed from CRC.
     c. For the protection of other children and staff, as well as your own child, we ask that parents use best judgement and do not bring sick children to the facility and/ or nursery.
     d. Management and teaching staff reserve the right to refuse participation of any child in a group or private lesson should a player be exhibiting signs of illness.
     e. Children are expected to exercise good behavior on and off the court at all times.
     f. Children that are disrespectful and/or disruptive to their class, classmates, instructors, staff or any other members will have one phone call placed to his/her parent/guardian to discuss the matter.
– Continued violation of this policy will result in the permanent removal of the child from CRC programs and they will not be permitted to re-enroll.
– Children who have been removed will not be eligible for a refund of class or membership fees.
     g. It is advised that all players label their personal items including racquets, racquet bags, water bottles, etc.

     a. Good sportsmanship should be observed at all times.
     b. All players should not enter the court until their reserved time begins and/or allow players currently on the court to finish their point, including pickleball.
     c. On court players should relinquish their court promptly at the designated time. Pickleball players should exit the court shortly prior to the end of their court reservation to allow time to remove all pickleball equipment from the court. (ex. nets, balls, etc.)
     d. Misbehavior is defined by CRC as follows but is not limited to:
Minor disrespect towards staff, members or guests

Infraction of a CRC policy
     e. A verbal warning and explanation will be given. Suspension will occur if the following occurs:
         Repeated offenses
         Defiance – unwillingness to correct behavior
         Disrespect towards staff, members or guests
         Abuse of equipment:
            -Smashing of racquet on court/racquet abuse
            -Abuse of the nets, net posts, divider curtain, backdrop, on court seats, etc.
            -Abuse of teaching aids such as ball carts, hoppers, and ball machines.
     f. If the offender is under the age of 18, the parent/guardians of the offender will be notified.
     g. If the offender is over the age of 18, they will be removed from the activity immediately.
     h. The individual’s membership may be suspended. Guests may not be allowed to re-enter.
     i. Abusive Behaviors will not be tolerated, authorities will be called, and membership canceled.
        -Assisting or leading an unauthorized access of the facility.
        -Vandalism of any kind to CRC facilities and property.
        -Violence or abuse of any kind threats (physical or verbal).
        -Any act which necessitates intervention by law enforcement.

     a. Tennis/Pickleball Passes: Includes free walk-on time anytime and free use of the ball machine. You may reserve courts 15 minutes in advance.
          You may reserve two days in advance (maximum two-hour blocks) at the following times.

Weekdays: 6-9 am, 2-4 pm, and 8-10 pm
Saturdays: 6-9 am and 1 pm to closing
Sunday: all day available
     b. Racquetball Passes: Courts may be reserved two days in advance at any time.
     c. Platform Passes: Courts may be reserved one week in advance.